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 The Four Masters (White Lotus)

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PostSubject: The Four Masters (White Lotus)   Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:52 pm


Name: Master Goh
Age: 52
Current Residence: Ba Sing Se
Rank: Leader of Dai Li
Element: Earth/Metal/Crystal
Weapons: Metal Wire

General Appearance: An old man with white hair and a receding hairline. He stands at 5'5" but don't let his short stature fool you, he is in the second best physical shape of all the Masters.
Master Goh:

Personality and Background: Master Goh is everything that embodies the Earth nature, calm, stubborn and solid. His serious nature is only brought more to the forefront during a battle or training where he waits on his opponent to move before he does. He was born in Omashu and spent many years there training. Eventually he went into direct service of the Earth king where he became an agent of the Dai Lee.


Name: Master Orin
Age: 73
Current Residence: Fire Nation Capital
Rank: Leader of the Fire Guard
Element: Fire/Lightning/Lightning Redirection
Weapons: Twin Dao Blades

General Appearance: 6'0" in height with an extremely sculpted body that displays numerous scars and burns showing a history of battle and conflict.
Master Orin:

Personality and Background: Master Orin embodies the nature of fire, passionate and brash, he enjoys battle and rushes into conflict with full force. He was born as the son of the leader of the Fire Guard and was groomed to one day take over his father's position, which he did.


Name: Master Yasi
Age: 46
Current Residence: Northern Water Tribe
Rank: Leader of the Tribal Warriers
Element: Water/Healing/Ice
Weapons: None

General Appearance: 5'7" a rather good looking woman and the youngest of the four masters. She has blue hair and blue eyes. Her appearance is hardly what sets her apart from the others as her bending skill in water is nigh unmatched.
Master Yasi:

Personality and Background: She is free flowing and flexible, calm and peaceful. She embodies the nature of water as well as the other masters. She is often the voice of reason among the squabbling of the older men in the masters organization. She was born in the Norther Water Tribe and spent her whole life wanting to become a Tribal Warrior. Now, not only is she a Warrior, she leads them.


Name: Master Pinan
Age: 67
Current Residence: Western Air Temple
Rank: Leader of the Air Sages
Element: Air/Sound/Smoke
Weapons: Airbending Staff

General Appearance: 6'3" master Pinan is the only known master of Airbending that did not get the traditional tattoos. He has a bald head and a mustache of brown hair.
Master Pinan:

Personality and Background: Master Pinan is easy going and peaceful. He is the least likely to get into arguments with the other members of the White Lotus. He was born in the Western Air Temple, eventually becoming the leader of the Air acolytes across the four temples.
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The Four Masters (White Lotus)
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