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 Bending System

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PostSubject: Bending System   Bending System Icon_minitimeSat Sep 15, 2018 8:28 am

Here at Legends we offer a bit more than what you see in the canon of avatar. We allow one to learn not one, but TWO elements upon training and meeting certain other requirements. Below I will break down "your first Element", "Your Second Element", "Sub-Elements" and "Custom Elements".

-Note: The BENDING SKILL is ONLY available to BENDERS-

Your First Element

Here, I will list the original four elements from the show, though, these aren't your only options and you are able to create your own should you have an idea for it. Each element, comes with its own set of abilities and potential character traits outside of just controlling Water, Earth, Fire, or Air. When making a character, you should definitely take these into account.

Your first element is free!

Positive Trait: Tranquility
Negative Trait: Indecisiveness
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Lightning/Air
Small Description: Water Benders can be as tranquil and relaxed as the water and waves they bend.  Water Benders are known to be adaptable, yet hardy, and are famous for their lax attitude.  This tranquil, adaptable nature often means Water Benders can be indecisive at best.  Their nature is to adapt to what comes, and prepare for anything, but it does not apply to making decisions, especially tough ones.  It is not easy for a Water Bender to balance Tranquility and responsible decision making without feeling like they are giving up a part of themselves.

Positive Trait: Stability
Negative Trait: Stubbornness
Strength: Air/Water
Weakness: Fire/Lightning
Small Description: Earth is a hardy element by nature.  It is rarely easy to move a large rock, let alone a mountain.  Earth Benders are oft the same.  Immovable like a mountain, Earth Benders stand against all adversity and nay-Sayers to prove themselves and stand their ground.  Much like Fire Benders, an Earth Bender's stability makes them both a shoulder to learn on and a highly competitive force to be reckoned with.  It is not easy to make an Earth Bender submit or give up once they've put their mind to something.  Yet sometimes this natural hardiness can become stubbornness.  Like the rocks they bend, Earth Benders can be incredibly thick headed, traditional, rigid, and above all, stubborn and impossible.  Earth Benders should strive for balance, and learning to remain resolute and sturdy, but flexible enough that they may be occasionally "bent" like the rocks they throw.

Positive Trait: Passion
Negative Trait: Fury
Strength: Earth/Air
Weakness Water
Small Description: Fire Benders are a proud people.  They carry a unique burden of being both creators and destroyers.  Fire can give warmth, and life, but it can also destroy, and kill.  Similarly, Fire Benders are strong and passionate, as lovers, friends, and anything else.  Industrious and outgoing, Fire Benders do not like to be outdone, and as such are incredibly competitive.  Unfortunately, that passion can often go to far, and become fury, and rage.  Uncontrolled and angry, Fire Benders are a danger to all and should not be taken lightly.  A Fire Bender must seek balance between Passion and Fury.

Positive Trait: Cunning
Negative Trait: Passiveness
Strength: Water
Weakness: Fire/Earth
Small Description: Air Benders have a natural aversion to open conflict and violence.  This has made them incredibly cunning individuals in and out of a fight.  Air Benders are famous for their cut-and-run maneouvers, and their ability to settle a fight without harming or touching their opponent.  Quick-witted, Air Benders make great jesters, and are naturally funny and fun to be around.  Being one with the wind, and able to fly, either by Bison or Glider, Air Benders have a natural unity with Freedom that is unmatched by any other element.  Unfortunately, whether the highly monastic lifestyle, ridicule from other benders, isolationism, too much freedom, high altitudes, or a little of everything, Air Benders are perhaps the most naturally passive of all benders. They will avoid doing what is sometimes necessary due to their natural aversion to conflict.

When choosing your first Element, you have two options, you may either choose an element and then start at that particular elemental nation, OR choose a nation and receive a random element through a roll of dice.

Dice will be listed below.

1 - Water - Water Tribes
2 - Earth - Earth Kingdom
3 - Fire - Fire Nation
4 - Air - Air Temples

Secondary Element

You can learn a secondary element or do a diceroll to choose it for you. When choosing this, you must realize it comes with a few rules and regulations to make sure you dont just wake up one day as a master Fire bender who can also bend water at a mastery level. Also note: If your first element directly conflicts with your second, then the second is twice as difficult to learn.

It takes 5 training points to learn a second element.

One must be AT LEAST 16 to begin learning a second element.

One must have mastered at LEAST one Sub-Element of their Primary Element before learning a second element.

One must have endured a PHYSICAL TRAUMA: (Near Death Experience)

One must have endured an EMOTIONAL TRAUMA: (Death of a Loved one, Tragedy in the Family, etc...)

Once you meet all of the above requirements, you may begin training a second element, the only exception to this is the Avatar.


Sub-Elements are those that are founded on the principles of a primary element, but are then used in a different form than normal. Some Sub-Elements may even require one to be able to use Two elements before you can learn it.

It takes 10 training points to learn a sub-element, and 15 to learn a combined element sub-element.

One must have fully Mastered the element(s) required before you can begin working on a sub-element.

Waterbending Sub-Elements

Healing - Water benders are able to use the unique properties of water in order to bring healing to those that come into direct contact with their water that is currently being manipulated. This can range from healing small wounds all the way up to saving a life. It cannot however naturally bring someone back from the dead.

Ice Bending - Water benders who are so skilled at water bending, that their abilities extend to the manipulation and even conjuration of ice, to the point where they can bend it to their whim as if it were a fluid itself. Ice bending is a powerful and very handy ability, being utilized for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Blood Bending - The ability to control the life giving liquid in ones body, the user can withdraw it and use it as an attack form. Another ability that they can use this for is stopping blood flow in certain areas of their body in order to stop a massive loss of blood. This ability is very useful for medical personnel.

Earthbending Sub-Elements

Crystal Bending - The ability to bend various gems found within the earth, though Metal and Earth bending are more useful in combat.  Crystal bending can be used to bend gems and precious crystals found in the earth, however due to the scarcity of gems in certain areas, this skill is taught mostly to Earth Kingdom Miners, Jewel-Crafters and Jewellers, though select few have taken it up as an art.

Metal Bending - The ability to bend metal and metal alloys within the Earth, or around you.  Anything from gold, silver, and even iron (so long as it is a metal) can be bent through this form of bending.  It takes a long time to learn and master, and even longer to reach the point in Earth Bending where you can begin using this, however, those who can have a good asset in a fight.

Sand Bending - The ability to bend and control up to large masses of finely grained sand and utilize it in battle. Unlike normal earth, sand is a lot more fluidity to it's movement, allowing it to be manipulated in a way that has only ever been seen with water bending. Sand bending is a powerful form of earth bending, being able to be utilized as both a means of offense as well as defense. Benders who use sand bending are also able to crush other minerals such as pure rock to create more sand in which they can use in battle.

Firebending Sub-Elements

Lightning Bending - The ability to call forth Lightning and bend it to the users will. The lightning is as fast as the speed of sound, if not slightly slower. This ability takes a lot out of the user, but is very useful because of it's speed and damaging power. The user must first take three seconds to conduct the lightning however.  Skilled Lightning benders have the ability to use Lightning bending for anything from medical purposes and for creating puppets out of people by using thin, finely controlled electric threads to manipulate the nerves of the target.

Lightning Redirection - Even those without skill in lightning bending are able to use a practiced form of redirection using fluidity of motion and circular movements to take in, redirect, and return lightning based attacks from other Fire Benders. This requires intense concentration however, as if you fail, it could have catastrophic effects on your body.

Airbending Sub-Elements

Sound Bending - A specialized form of Air Bending in which air benders can create or manipulate existing sound waves to their whim. The sound waves can be increased in frequency, force, speed, or even thickness. The power of this ability is determined by the user's rank. The users themselves can even build up air in their ears to make them immune to high frequency sound waves, but the user must be a Master of Air bending in order to clog air in their ears, because if they make a mistake their head will explode. Sound benders can even create new sound-waves to utilize in battle instead of only being able to manipulate existing ones.

Smoke Bending - The ability to manipulate or create smoke. Smoke can be moved with simple hand movements, and created by first forming it in the lungs, and exhaling. While not useful for directly damaging opponents, smoke can blind opposition, to create a getaway opportunity.
Warning: Chi-made smoke is EXTREMELY flammable, and will explode at the slightest spark.

Combined Element Sub-Elements

Steam Bending - A true master of water/Air bending is able to convert their water or ice into steam, controlling it similar to a mixture of Airbending and Water Bending.

Scorch Bending - The ability to bend heat to the point of being able to scorch things instantly by touching them, combines Fire/Airbending at their highest degree.. no pun intended.  People are turned into mummies that look as if they have been left out in the desert for decades, while entire forests are reduced to ashes and wastelands.  It is a very hard skill to learn as it focuses fire/Air down to just the heat, and is only learned and taught by skilled masters, royals and Avatars.

Lava Bending - A skilled user of Fire/Earthbending is able to create and manipulate lava in all of its forms. This includes molten lava itself, noxious gasses, obsidion or even some forms of sulphuric acid.

Vibration Bending - The ability to combine Air/Earthbending to create and control vibrations for varying purposes. Things such as creating concussive blasts, seismic anomalies, or even blocking attacks by vibrating the air or earth around the user.

Custom Elements

Here you may even create your own Elements/Sub-Elements by applying for them in the appropriate area. These should be something fundamentally different than what we already have listed above and will be graded on a case by case basis. If staff fails to see how your concept is fundamentally different or unique compared to other allowed elements, we may not approve it.
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Bending System
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