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 Incarceration System

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PostSubject: Incarceration System    Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:19 pm

Incarceration is a common facet of life for a criminal. If you commit a crime, a few of which will be listed below, you will be captured and sentenced to carry out a term in one of our FOUR prisons:

Boiling Rock Prison - Fire Nation
Shugan Prison - Water Tribes
Lake Laogai - Earth Kingdom
RAFT Prison - All Nations


Murder- Life in prison (until released, or escape)

Theft- 5 Topics in prison (5 or more posts per topic)

Fraud- 2 topics in prison (5 or more posts per topic)

Assault- 5 topics in prison (5 or more posts per topic)

Kidnapping- 10 topics in prison (5 or more posts per topic)
     (High Value Target: Life in prison (until released, or escape)

Assassination- Life in prison (until released, or escape)
     (High Value Target: Life in prison, no hope for release (until escape)

Desertion- 5 topics in prison (5 or more posts per topic)

**Note: A high Value target would consist of a member of the royal family, leader of a faction (Dai Li, Fire Guard, etc...) or the Avatar.

You may ask yourself, what the heck am I supposed to post about while in prison?! Well, there is a dice roll for that! Below will be a list of scenarios that will play out based on how your dice is cast when you begin each topic. These can offer you chances to escape, or can lead to an increase in your sentence, as crimes are still crimes in prison. Bending is also a crime while in prison and can lead to ISOLATION. Being put in isolation is no fun as it puts yu in closed topics for your next two topics (of at least 5 posts or more). No other inmates can be interacted with in this case, and it extends your sentence until it is done, so if you had 5 topics, and on your last one , got put into isolation, it would extend your sentence for two more topics AT LEAST, not counting any other charges accrued through your bending shenanigans.

Scenario Die:
1- Prison Riot breaks out in the courtyard during your free block. the guards will order you to return to your cell, but the way is blocked. Whether you listen to the guards or not is up to you.

2- Your cell mate is going to break out tonight, but things don't go as planned and they get caught. Not you are in the hot seat and must either rat them out or cover for them, the choice, is yours.

3- You are being assaulted by a group of five inmates, obviously the odds aren't in your favor, but you might could take them if you risk bending?

4- You attempt a daring escape from the prison, your success lies solely on your skill and lady luck. (Roll coin toss, 1=success, 2=failure)

5- The guards decide to make an example of you after another inmate frames you for hitting a guard with your food during lunch. You can try to explain your way out of it, or take on the four guards yourself.

6- There is an execution happening in the yard today. The one being executed is you! You need to high tail it out of there like your life depends on it.. because... well... you get the point.

7- You have been dragged into a local gang under threat of being put into isolation, permanently. They have tasked you with smuggling a bomb through the prison to a rival gang in the guise of a peace offering. How will you handle it?

8- You bribe one of the guards with money you stole from your roommate, and he lets you out of your cell. Though, your roommate finds out and attacks you. Now you have to fight him off, but maybe you'll still have time to escape?

9- You have been sucked into the gang known as the Triad Tigers. They have given you their honorary tattoo and you are one of the brotherhood now. Whether you like it or not, the thug life chose you...

10- You are let out early on good behavior. Be good out there, kiddo.

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Incarceration System
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