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 Avatar System

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PostSubject: Avatar System   Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:14 am

Now for the one you've all been waiting for, the Avatar System. This will show you both the determining factors for the avatar and then the training requirements OF the avatar.

The Avatar is said to be the ultimate bender, able to learn ALL four elements and any of the subsequent Sub-Elements. They do this through intense training and study under masters of said elements.

The Avatar is determined in a cyclical order which will determine their initial element and starting nation. The first avatar will do this by rolling two element dice to determine both their nation, and then their element. Sometimes this will match up, other times it will not.

When an avatar is training, they must do 10 posts per element to learn them and then 5 per sub-element or 10 per combined element sub-elements. The Avatar is limited to ONLY the four original elements and sub-elements based from them, so no custom primary elements allowed for the Avatar.

Upon doing 20 posts of training to control their chakras, the avatar is able to control their Avatar State. The Avatar State is a form of immense power that is only accessible to the avatar and is brought on by moments of intense physical, emotional or mental trauma. When entering the state, the avatar has access to knowledge from all previous avatar all at once, giving them the potential to use any form of bending that an avatar before them was able to use. This state can only last for FIVE posts, with a FIVE post cooldown and can only be used twice per topic. If the user has not mastered the state, they will fall unconscious for FIVE posts after they exit the form. If unmastered, the user can only enter the form during times of extreme duress, this will be monitored by staff.

To determine if you can become an Avatar, you must do 8 rolls of the "elemental Die" of these 8, you must roll each element, Water, Earth, Fire and Air. If you don't get all four, then you do not become the avatar.

1 - Water
2 - Earth
3 - Fire
4 - Air

(NOTE: There is also a dark avatar, not necessarily evil, but his spirit is Vaatu. He is generally a dark spirit, but upon learning to control his power <10 posts> one can ignore his dark influence and be who they want to be. This person has access to all the same powers as the normal Avatar.)
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Avatar System
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