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 Crafting System

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PostSubject: Crafting System   Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:55 pm


Here at Lola, the crafting skill will be more useful than it is in most places. Not only is it useful for creating your own equipment, it can aid you in opening up your own shop and selling your goods to buyers from around the world. Now: here is why the Crafting skill is important.

First, I will go over how it works. One with the crafting skill is able to create weapons from looking over blueprints and then buying parts. Blueprints are purchased at weapon price, so if you were to buy the blueprints for a sword, it would be 500 gold. From there, you just need to buy the parts required and poof, you've got a sword. The parts required are always half the weapon cost. So, again using the sword as an example, one would spend 250 gold on the parts to build one. But, in the end, it is up to the crafter to determine his blade's worth on the market. You are given almost free reign on pricing, but keep in mind, if you make your stuff too expensive, no one will buy from you.

If you do NOT have the skill, you are unable to create your own weapons/items/equipment. You can create blueprints for them, but are physically not skilled enough to create them yourself. Therefore, you must contract someone with the skill to do so for you. This is done from the Blueprint Crafting area.

There are two types of blueprints: Normal Blueprints, and Upgrade Blueprints.

Normal Blueprints: These would be typical weapons and items that are not equipped with any special abilities/functions on their own. They could still be utilized in conjunction with bending, but they have no actual functionality that makes them unique.

Upgrade Blueprints: These are upgrades that add enhanced functionality to preexisting, or currently being crafted equipment. This could be anything from something that emulates different types of bending through a (well detailed) technological add-in, or something that increases the items function in some way. (Upgrade blueprints ALWAYS cost 1,000 gold and parts to add them to weaponry ALWAYS costs 500 gold.)


Owning a shop can provide a unique and immersive manner of making ends meet. To buy a shop, you must fill out the appropriate application, in the marketplace tab, and then purchase the shop for 10,000 gold. From there, you are able to create and sell your items at your own prices. (It should be noted, you can ONLY sell items you currently own, and can only sell crafted items you have actually made.)
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Crafting System
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